Arquivo de Opinião

Arquivo de Opinião is a web application that provides a digital archive of opinion articles published in the main newspapers in Portugal.

It offers a search engine that allows searching by word or exact phrase, as well as filter by author, date or newspaper.

All articles were processed by entity recognition tools, resulting in indexing of keywords, names of people, places and organizations. The frequency of these keywords over time, by newspaper and related entities can also be visualized by the user.

It also offers dedicated page to each author, where you can see the authors' word cloud (min of 10 articles), as well frequently used entities.

The collection of documents had as its primary source the digital archive, in conjunction with the web portals of the newspapers. At present the database contains a total of 85530 articles published between 2008 and 2016, corresponding to 3571 different authors, and published in the following media platforms:

Arquivo stats:


This project was supported by a FCT research grant. Reference: SFRH/BPD/104176/2014

This work was developed with the support of INCD funded by FCT and FEDER under the project 22153-01/SAICT/2016